Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Will Work For Boots.

Is it bad that I've spent my entire lunch break today scheming of what I can pawn at my house or what bill I can neglect paying in an effort to score these amazing boots I found online today??

I personally don't think so. Here's why.

I don't have a family to support. Just myself. It's not a problem to not eat for a few days as a result of an empty wallet. The reason it's worth it.... super cute shoes.
....Do I need to seek therapy?

When I was a youngin' in college, I'd blow my entire paycheck on getting tattooed. Every paycheck, the same thing. I knew that I wouldn't die of starvation (for one reason because my parents were helping to support me through school), and the worst case scenario is that I'd be super broke and not able to go out and blow money at the bar. But as a result I'd have a rad tattoo forever, only having to endure a two week pay periods worth of struggle. Being at a good stopping point in my tattoo endeavors, my spending habits have not made any real changes. I suppose it's just the goal at hand that has shifted.

Are the boots in the photo the boots in question?? No. Would I post the boots in question,....? The ones I won't be able to stop thinking about until I've put my cursed credit card number out into cyberspace..... I would NEVER post them on a blog like this, because I"d be spilling out a possibly still well kept secret. Why would you tell all your friends where a hidden treasure is? Aren't we all greedy little bitches, and isn't part of the REASON we spend $200 on a pair of shoes so that we get some kind of RECOGNITION for a rad find?

You feel the same way, you're just afraid to say it out loud. I'm onto you.


  1. i would do the same
    and im not ashamed to admit it
    only instead of boots...
    probably some one of a kind super sweet kicks.
    you know the kind...