Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sexy Time.

Well I'm about a week deep staying at my new place and last night I had THEE worst sleep of possibly my whole life. Well that's a stretch, but definitely since living here in San Francisco. Damn the walls are thin in my building...... Woke up more than 4 times throughout the night to my semi hotty neighbor boning the shit out of some broad next door. And unfortunately I heard every breath of it. So awful. All I have to say is I hope she gets knocked up over it! I'm so tired today. HA.

In other news, things are gettin' crazy, but in a good way, generally. Went through some bullshit over the weekend where I got an up close glimpse of the insanity of women. I watched this girl rip through a dude for completely unjust reasons.... so selfish and so self absorbed. So unreasonable. It makes me sick to think about. And the worst part is that the girl was me. But as usual everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. Lessons learned, and we can move on.

Getting busy with a bunch of freelance wardrobe gigs. Working on two separate films in the month of November and also diving into some more print work. I still get scared and nervous and have the initial inclination to back out, but I CANT and won't. I have to try or I'll never get anything I want. I have a plan....

*build up my list of credits (especially on movies and with film projects) that is at least a page long by this time next year.

I really want to work towards wardrobe for a full time job.... particularly on movie or television sets. Yea that means going back to LA, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. For the time being I can experience everything here while I'm building that credits list, making contacts and getting experience. Plus there's a lot to reach for as far as getting into costume for stage here. SAN FRANCISCO... Hello!?

And on the other hand, I was building the production calendar for my job yesterday and just slipped in all the deadlines for my own line. It got me really excited, fictitious or not, and I want to pursue it full force. Launch time: JULY 2009.
This is one that I've wanted for as long as I can remember. One of the biggest perks to this job was the possibility of getting to do that. I have to take full advantage, and that is what will take up my mental space in my spare time from this point on.

New plan: don't worry about anything else but getting my shit in line and being successful in my endeavors.

Unfortunately, I feel like you lose friends when you have this attitude. Does it make it wrong?? Maybe the reality is that if you're moving forward quickly, you're likely leaving others behind. While I don't know how to be anything BUT ambitious, it still leaves me feelings somewhat alone.

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