Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Digs and New Potholes.

First night at the new place.
Makeshift bed on the ground.
New friends outside my window.

I always tend to have wildlife friends hangin' outside my house. I've developed, in only one night, a strong fear of these fuckers. I have this vision (nightmare, really) of one of them getting into my apartment and flying around..... Solutions?! Bug net?? Broom? A friend of mine thoughtfully suggested a blanket to throw over it. And then? C'mon dude. His next suggestion was a bb gun of sorts. Really? Am I a sniper now?
I'm gonna go with postin' up the fake owl out my window, or maybe resorting to a super soaker if need be. But that's the only firearms I'm packin.
And of course, the infamous finale to the first night at the new place...

Welcome to the neighborhood.

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