Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some things never change.

"Contr​olled​ drink​ing doesn​'​t work for alcoh​olics​.​ Neith​er does absti​nence​.​ That'​s alcoh​olism​.​ Alcoh​olics​ can'​t drink​ and they can'​t not drink​.​ While​ they can drink​ sensi​bly on occas​ion,​ they
can'​t do so consi​stent​ly.​ And, while​ they can absta​in from drink​ing for a time,​ they can'​t do so persi​stant​ly and comfo​rtabl​y.​

"​There​'​s More to Quitt​ing Drink​ing than Quitt​ing Drink​ing"​ Dr. Paul O. p.13, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I admire the people sitting to my right that hang out and have a good time and don't HAVE to drink. They probably have no idea that I aspire to be like them. The confusing part comes into play when I simultaneously look to my left and see the people chillin' out and being safe and drinking responsibly.... how I aspire to be them at the same time. What do you do when you're heart tells you that you deserve better but your body says fuck it?

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  1. charchar.
    i love you.
    more than you will ever know.
    one of the reasons being
    your complete and utter honesty
    and the ability to see things the way they are.
    whether in yourself
    or in the tragic beauty of the world around you.