Friday, October 17, 2008

Lesson Learned.

I was completely irritated after the launch party last night. I can't even completely explain why..... it's amazing how ungrateful people are at an open bar. May I remind you, THIS SHIT IS FREE?! When the booze run out (which is often sooner rather than later), the crowd hits the trail like the circus is in town. I told a "patron" that the keg was tapped, but he should go get a tall can and come back and hang out longer. He responded with "Eh,.."

Really? You surely just drank nearly $100 of our booze for free. My favorite part is counting the douche's who didn't even mutter out a "thanks". NEWSFLASH: You won't lose any of your surely well deserved "street cred" by being polite to your bartender. Or by being a decent person in general. Just saying.

To make a long ass night short, the moral is:

never trust a someone sketchy lookin' dude with a Pomeranian.
Quick flash back:
Dude shows up at our party.
Dude has a less than stoked look on his face all night.
Dude talks to me for a bit outside, but is somewhat scary in a "could possibly be a serial killer" way.
Dude ends up drinking a beer with my coworker at a nearby bar where I stop by after the party's done.
Dude lives downtown, offers me a ride home. I accept. (stupid).
Dude walks me and coworker to his car, which is conveniently parked in the middle of the sidewalk on Fillmore.
Dude carelessly tosses the parking ticket off onto the ground, and exits his "spot" possibly with a minor sideswipe to a tree.

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