Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's all happening.

Got a new place.
Got a roommate on my bad side.
Lost a friend.
Gained some keys.
Kissed someone I didn't mean to.
Drank too much.
Kissed someone I shouldn't have.
Pissed someone off.
Slept on the ground.
Worked my ass off.
Scheduled some upcoming photoshoots.
Met a new friend.
Mentally and emotionally cut a potential boy from the team.
Saw a bitchin' art show.
Went out with some new people.
Explored some new bars.
Met a man named Rojo from Maui.
Saw more hotty boys than I've ever seen in one condensed area.
Found myself in a difficult spot.
Didn't kiss someone even though I really wanted to.

And it's only Sunday.