Thursday, January 1, 2009

New. Knew. Gnu.

09. One day deep and I'm not sure how i feel. Disappointment comes to mind immediately,... but I guess that ties in to one of the resolutions.

NYE 09,.... I give it a 6 out of 10 at best. Went much differently than I thought it would. Still holding fast on the statement that I've never had a super rad New Years Eve. I wonder if and when that will ever change.

Realizations for the week: the search continues for a dude thats not a douchebag. I don't know why it's rocket science to find a guy that acquires things I want and is still respectful and treats me right.

(cue resolutions)
1. Quit smoking. I know,... really difficult. Nothing to speak of lightly. I HAVE to cut back in a serious way though. This has just gotten stupid. After this pack is done I am embarking on the withdrawl crazy train. Sorry in advance for my bitchy behavior.

2. Eat better. Eat healthier, eat less, look towards Mary Kate Olsen more often more inspiration. Lose weight, take care of my body. Who DOESN'T have that as a new years resolution? So cliche. Drink less. Figure out the balance in that.

3. Abandon my brain consumption in regards to guys. Stop concerning myself with them. Stop lowering my standards. Stop ignoring things that need to be taken into account. Stop making excuses for other people. Don't settle for anything less than I deserve in ANY way. Stand up for myself. Take care of myself first and foremost. Love myself more.

Here's to a new year,.... I'm nervous.

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