Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The man or woman upstairs, whatever it is, has an interesting sense of humor. When I've come to the end of my rapidly fraying rope, submitted to following some direction in an attempt to better my life, decided to stop walking the fence and dive in head first and submitted to throw out my ultimate relapse-pills (men), it just so happens that all the current men in rotation have exposed their extreme douche-ness in the past week anyway. What better time to say fuck em' all and fly solo for awhile? I imagine it will get lonely,... but I am willing to go through whatever loneliness comes with abstinence from not only drugs and alcohol but also relationships (for awhile) in attempts to get some clarity and direction. If boy below hadn't pulled some douchy-mcgee moves lately, I would never be so harsh. But,....

Come on, dude. Don't fuck with me.
Sianara, boys. See ya next year.

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