Monday, January 19, 2009


Not as in "settlin' for less" but more like "settlin' in".

Had a super busy weekend. Overall it was really really good. I am up and down mentally and emotionally but have faith that the downs will pass with more and more quickness as time goes on. Overall I am feeling really good about things and anxious for the near future. This weekend was packed as fuck though,....

.Finally got in THEE most bitchin' leather hoodie jacket. HEATHEN. Look it up.

.Homegirl from across the ol' GG Bridge came to town.

.Went to some good meetings.

.Got to explore North Beach a little bit.

.Spent a minute or two at Dolores Park.

.Went to a show at Annie's Social Club... became closer friends with some homies of Bill W., saw a past online date, a girl got
stabbed (supposedly).

.Met up with ex dude at the bars in the Mission thinking I could go sit happily and talk and not drink... stayed 5 minutes, left, cried on the walk home.

.Coworker/"Neigb" came to the rescue this morning to assist in the loading of music equipment for band practice today. Bought Neighb Starbucks for payment. .Practiced with potential new band. Rough sauce. Somewhat awkward. No comparison to my band. Like their music, don't know if there was any real chemistry though. Still proud I showed up and got a lil' uncomfortable for a bit.

.Swooped a friend to help put keyboard back up in the crib. Impromptu photoshoot with Boots McGee. Went to a SF Fillmore version of Pinkberry for payment.

.Picked up coworker homie in South SF. Spent my $100 xmas gift certificate on Montana cans. Coworker started a piece in my living room. LOVE IT. To be continued.

.Old flame comes over to hang for the "live paint". He was not his usual nightmare self,.... good to see him, but I refrained from any extracurricular hanging out. Sittin the bench in 09, remember?

.First hint at a press release for my new line. Check it.

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