Friday, September 19, 2008

White People Food.

Adapting to any new environment is interesting. A new job is extra interesting, because you're bound to spend the majority of your week there. My job has turned out to be definitely tolerable at very least. I've thought about it a lot, and we're gonna even go with "inspiring". We'll leave the asterisks for another blog.

One interesting thing about my job is that no one really takes a legit lunch break. Generally people go get lunch and come back to their desk and eat while they work through it. When you're already working a 9 hour day (at very least) this is an interesting tid bit. Being new to the area, I'm seeing all of these lunch venue options for the first time... sizing up variety and price point... and factoring in the fact that most places in San Francisco are all about cash only.

While there's food all over the place,... next door, across the street, cadi-corner... pizza, falafels, coffee shops, thai food, sushi, delis, walgreens,... you name it....

I found the gold mine.

Love n Haight deli.

An amazing vegetarian menu... and the real diamond in the rough is the grilled cheese with tomatoes.... Less than $3.00. After a little research, it's the tastiest/cheapest deal on the block.

After a few days of consecutive grilled cheese action, my coworkers have caught on to my addictive ways.

And I was blatantly informed today that grilled cheese is a stereotypical "white people's food".

Learn somethin' new everyday.

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  1. grilled cheese and tomato sounds fantastic. :)