Friday, September 12, 2008

To All My Bay Area Peeeeeeeeeps

Yeaaaa, all y'alllll.

Wait. I don't have any friends. HA.

But, I dragged my amazing roommate out tonight who is anti-going out. Not too rad for school, but too rad to go to these sorts of places. I hate/aspire. And I appreciate the "take one for the team" mentality. New besty. Done and done.

It was a nice evening. I was glad to get out of my house tonight.... kinda stoked to talk about something that mattered while at the bar. A first for some period of time...... aside, only to my business meetings with Sasha that were ALWAYS ONLY BUSINESS.

Stoked about the fashion show, and doing it with people who give a fuck. It's a nice refresher. Who'd have thought-- three people who were willing to spend a portion of their night talking about work even when they weren't getting paid to do so. SHOCKING.

Stoked for the weekend. Excited to go to this meditation I've been wanting to go to forever. Excited to see friends I haven't seen in awhile. Excited to sleep in. Excited to get started working on m show.

Um I guess that's all.

Yea not that rad. But no tears for nearly 5 days in a row.


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