Friday, September 26, 2008

Scary Dudes Scaring Dudes.

Yea dude.

My incredibly smart, talented, fantastic, lovely and well-meaning roommate decided to create a profile for me on his "Secret super rad online dating sight". I, having no real interest in participating, humored him and let him go for it. Of course topping off the experience with a super lame profile name, my new life in the online dating world was born.

I think what he meant to say was, choose the least lame and least monsterous looking dude in the bunch and see if it works out.


Mom, meet my new boyfriend Alan.

28/M/SF. Loves long walks on the beach, hiking and things of that nature. And hey, our personality tests match us up to a whoppin' 21% match. I think he's the one I've been waiting for. Thanks again, roomie.

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