Friday, September 26, 2008

God damn I need a camera.

This one, in fact.

And fast.

Oh the random things these eyes have seen in the last 24 hours alone. Just to paint a mental picture since I know you're dying to know, and like I've referenced before, the spill-in-the-purse has made catching these images impossible these days.

1 day ago.
*My new best friend, a mid twenties amputee squatter gutter punk in upper haight on crutches asked me for a smoke last night as I walked by. I gave her one of course, not only because it's smoker karma but because half of her head was shaved revealing her enormous Pabst Blue Ribbon tattoo. Sorry Long Beach tattoo enthusiasts,... your head tattoos got NOTHIN' on this bitch.

*(Also in upper haight last night).... a random 20 feet span of sidewalk completely covered with a plethora of different postcard size fliers creating a see of gloss and color. It was amazing, and totally something to be documented. Funny, my company looked at the same sight but with her different perception and said "Ew, so much litter". Fair enough.

1 hour ago.
*The most awkward display of facial hair I've ever seen on a young gent cruisin through Lower Haight. Words cannot even describe. Lens needed.

*And of course the ridiculous/rad murals adorning nearly every wall you pass by.

Seriouslly.... I gotta make somethin' happen soon. My memory will one day fail me and that will be a sad sad day.

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