Monday, February 21, 2011

East Coast Vs. West Coast...

It's been a hot two weeks. Not anywhere NEAR hot as in weather, (I'll leave that to the LBC with BULLSHIT 90 degree February days)....but hot as in fast and rad. Been coming down from the momentum of New York Fashion Week and was stoked to have my first West Coaster up in the mix this past weekend. Definitely covered some major ground. Experienced a delicious vegan homecooked meal care of the homegirl Brianna. Hit up some Brooklyn bars. Ate at the Life Cafe in the East Village (birth of our favorite movie/play of all time, Rent). Showed sis dawg the ol' BJ officina. Popped into my roommates sexually driven art show ((awkward)). Made an appearance at a friends graffiti art show in the East Village. Saw the musical "American Idiot" written by Billy Joe from Green Day... he was in town so played a role in it.... Extremely mixed feelings about the show... A little bit poser... a lot of a Rent rip off. But still had to check it out for myself. Some dweeb asked to take a picture of my dermal anchor. An older black man on 7th Avenue asked me to marry him. We found THEE street in NYC that is the infamous piano slangin' street. We stopped into a store full of pianos, because after 6 weeks away from any ivory tickling opportunities, I'm wondering if I'll still be able to play at all. Middle age richies were shootin' the shit about buying and I rolled in with my fingerless gloves and lingering hangover. One of the gents told me to take a seat and play a song, and I said I play in a rock band... probably different than what he's used to hearing. "Oh cool! Are you gonna play Creed?" .........Actually that was EXACTLY what I was gonna play, Mr.Millionaire. And if I play it well, please throw down $60k and have that shit delivered to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Thanks. <3

Ate some 99 cent pizza. Had gelato from Grom (the best Gelato in Italy... also available in NYC). Took a couple wrong turns and wrong trains, but who's countin'. Made a stop in FAO Schwarz. The piano from BIG is SUPER blown out by this point in my life. But Barbie fashion shows were definitely IN.

So grateful to be able to share everything with someone who knows me. While I've met (and continue to meet) amazing new friends on the East side, there's nothing quite like having someone around who knows you for what you are and what you've always been.

And in other news, relocating this weekend to the other side of the tracks (well, a microscopic improvement in neighborhood) and grinding away at the Betsey gig. Tonight also marks an epic day in New York history: I went to a grocery store after work and didn't get lost. Times they are a' changin'.

I'll take one of each....

Even if you can't be the best girlfriend, daughter, dancer or friend, there is still hope for you at a shotty NYC souvenier shop.

A black market ciggy shipment from my partner in crime on the West side...

Had to give the dollar pizza a try for novelty's sake... Ya' get what you pay for.


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