Friday, June 5, 2009


So it's set in officially that I once again live in the greater Los Angeles area. Unfortunately last night it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was less than amused. The whole up and move shennanigans just went down so fast, I could hardly think about it... just had to act. Act now, think later. Always the best policy. I do advise to try it. No, but f'reals... I have come to the "place of acceptance" that I made the right decision. My job is going really well and I think I'm doing a good job. I see a good future for me here. There's a lot of connections. Almost everyday the PR person here posts a couple new publications that mention or show stuff we've done. (See examples below......)

...Things are great here. This company is a total leader in manufacturing and private label. I've always wanted to work for a place that was well established and where I could be learning from then, not IMPLEMENTING everything myself from the ground up. And as an added bonus, I've found yet another job (3 for 3 now) in the fashion industry where I can dress however I want to work, don't hide a single tattoo and don't hesitate to get any more! It's great. And on that note, again I think this job is a huge benefit for my future endeavors. The head people in charge here know EVERYONE in the industry. If I get a good name here, I'm solid. All is good. Except I'm still eating Ramen. Actually I don't even have that.

Last night I was really missing San Francisco. It's just so much prettier,... it's so interesting. The surroundings there totally inspired me. People inspired me. I love it. I absolutely did. But I guess this is one of the times I have to be a big girl and bite the bullet and do what's right for my future, if that's what's important to me.

So things like THIS make living back here in the city of angels a little more tolerable............


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