Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Hills.

My band played a club in West Hollywood the other night. Went well enough. Not our best show, not our worst. I left soon after we played and headed back to my neighborhood, a 35 minute or so commute. I forget sometimes how close I live to Beverly Hills and what a completely different world that is than the one I live in... but there I am DRIVING THROUGH IT on occasion, on fumes in my dirty Scion in a whirlwind of Mercedes and Hummers.

If you take Sunset from West Hollywood towards the 405 freeway, you're in for an experience. You'll pass a lot of venues, a lot of swanky restaurants. There are always people out on the streets in their "going out" attire, regardless of the day of the week. I imagine these people don't have to wake up at 8am and sit behind a desk or anything of that nature. An all nighter coke binge and booze fest for a Monday evening? Definitely. Drive on and the road gets curvy. The trees hang over the street... everything is very forrest like and very far from any kind of feeling of "LA" or what people perceive LA to be like. I remembered then that I was in the general proximity of BILLIONAIRES when I saw the standard RICH PEOPLE GATES and a couple places that had guards out near the street.

This has got to be one of the wealthiest pockets of people in the world.
But who the fuck are these people!? What's behind those gates? What are they doing RIGHT NOW in their home? Just shitting out money? Jumping in a big pile of it like jumping in a pile of leaves? Throwing money off the top of their balconies, perhaps. Laying around talking about Chicken/Fish of the Sea like J.Simpson? Boning? Eating? Doing drugs? Drinking? What. What are they doing. And how the hell did they find themselves in this life they lead with this wallet they hold in this house they stay in.... I really want to interview just a random from the neighborhood. I think I could pull it off. I dress somewhat reporter-esque, look really official and like I'm supposed to be there. Note to self: Park Scion down the street out of view. Roll up to any random one of these monsters and just get a little insight on how things work and what's goin down. Who would answer the door? A maid? I need to know.

And in the case of celebrities living over here, at what point do you decide that you've earned enough money or fame to post up in one of these beasts? Like when you're a "fresh face" in Hollywood, like in the case of a "rags to riches" story, when do you go for the gusto and buy a $125,000,000 home? I mean, has Michael Serra gotten to this point yet? He's new kinda. He's been in a few movies. I want to know the price tag on these people. It's just fucking insane.

Maybe someday I can pay my rent and my bills ontime for my 1 bedroom apartment.

Check out the current listed residencies, if you're in the market for a new place.



Davies Dr. Estate, Beverly Hills

West Sunset Blvd.

Hornby Hills

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