Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plan D.

I feel like my intentions and expectations of how things would be moving here to SF have been so far from reality. In some ways things are so much shittier than I expected.... in some ways things are so much more beautiful that I could have ever imagined. I guess you just never know what you're gonna get. I feel like there are so many lessons in everything that's happened, that's happening, that's going to happen.... as for now I feel pinned in a lot of different areas. I know this is not forever... nothing's forever... this is temporary... things will get better... they will get worse... But JESUS CHRIST. I feel the most unstable and ungrateful and uninspired and untalented and unappreciative as I EVER HAVE probably in my whole life. I've decided today that I have to let all this shit out in a creative outlet or I'm going to rip apart everyone who cares about me in the process of trying to cope with my own issues and adjustments to life. So there I go,... that's the new plan. If I continue to try to put my happiness in the hands of others I will eternally be let down. End of story

In other news, Bunny AKA Auntie Ra Ra came for the weekend to visit... first time coming up here since I've been here. Despite the fact that I felt like things weren't as fun because I wasn't getting wasted, because I'm broke as PHO, and I'm a psycho crazy person, all in all the weekend was badical. Please see below for a sample.

Good and equally crazy friends are hard to come by.

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