Monday, March 23, 2009

Livin The Dream.

This is what my job has amounted to.

Each and every payday, myself and all my fellow employees scour the city of San Francisco attempting to cash our paycheck at a Money Mart, Check Express,.. you know the establishments. After several attempts that are rejected, we might find some poor sap who feels bad for us and cashes it. A week or so later we will receive calls from this old sap to our personal cell phones, moaning on and on that our boss won't return their calls, our checks were returned and we will be held responsible for the amount three fold.

I've been looking for other jobs for months and have nothing. I'm out of good ideas and giving EVERYTHING IN ME to try to keep a good attitude and not bring down everyone around me. LIVIN' THE DREAM obviously. I will likely be hookin' in the 'Loin by the end of the month to keep puppy food on the table. What's the going rate for blowjobs? Please let me know so I can set the bar. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. wow, they give you free chocolate there? :)

    reading this makes me feel a bit less crazy. thanks for posting it.