Friday, December 5, 2008

Smoke Signals.

So money is tight around our workplace. Paychecks bouncing. Bills added up to the ceiling. My job is impossible to do in every aspect all as a result of lack of funding. Credit holds. Overdue payments. Its a nightmare really. I try to do my job to the best of my ability but it is merely impossible right now. My boss is pretty much MIA. Everyone in my workplace is feeling the crunch and looking for other jobs. I'm looking as usual with no warm leads, except a shot in the dark chance at a bitchin' internship that is off in the distant future. I'm struggling to get by and doing my best to remain in good spirits. MEANWHILE, we have a somewhat troubled individual at the workplace that is causing me grief. We'll call him Jim. Jim's a rad dude. He works really hard, makes shit happen, has good intentions. But Jim is somewhat of a wreck, super broke, couch surfin kinda dude who doesn't seem to mind living that way and lives his life as if everything is fine. Props to Jim for having a carefree spirit in times of crisis. DISS ON JIM for mooching the fuck out of everyone he knows. I know Jim's roommate, a hardworking rad person, who has had to bail Jim out of jail, front him money up the ass, etc etc. The bossman has helped bail Jim out of jail. At first I felt bad for Jim, and felt bad for the fact that he doesn't have any family here and is somewhat down on his luck. At this point, I don't feel bad for Jim anymore. The sympathy and compassion I had is slipping away everytime this fuckin guy invites himself into my purse and takes cigarettes from me. Now let's get this straight,... I'm not upset about a $0.25 cigarette leaving my possession. It's not about the CIGARETTES. It's about the fact that this dude thinks that when he walks behind me and brushes my shoulder or calls me "baby" as he slyly grabs a bunch of smokes and thinks he's pullin a fast one on me. This is kindness NOT weakness, fucker, and the kindness is coming to a screeching hault. I hate users.

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