Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change in Preference on the Bullet Train to Tokyo.

Last night I rode a muni line I've never ridden before. I love that. I never know if I'm going to know where to get off. How long I'm gonna be on. What kind of people are going to be on it. The L was no exception to these universal mysteries. To my pleasant surprise, this specific train and it's final destination imply nothing short of the bullet train in Tokyo. God I love Asians. One girl on train commented that watching me was the first time she's seen someone gift wrap a pack of cigarettes. I'm thoughtful. I realized on this short 5 minute MUNI ride that all my life I've seeked out the most troubled looking delinquent male in a crowd as my momentary crush, and these days I instead seek out the individual who is reading A Separate Peace.

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