Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update from SOMA Land

Well I've learned that I'm not losing my mind; it is hard to get a good night's sleep here. Comparable to what a friend of mine has told me about living in the Tenderloin, there's bums and people screaming and yelling and causing a ruckus at all hours of the morning/night....clashing, clanging,.... Rough. My friends were in town this weekend and seemed somewhat concerned about my neighborhood haha. Telling them the story of my walk to the liquor store last week and how the one block's stroll provided me two confrontations with homeless black men, the offer of some meth, the offer for some coke, the offer to "go for a ride" in his truck that he swears is really his, the opportunity to buy a "REAL GOLD" anchor necklace and a bum's phone number, my friends were not any more at ease where my safety is concerned. I should've called that phone number. Like did he just pull that number out of his ass? Or is he seriously rollin' through the hood selling crack and talking on his iphone? Now we'll never know.

So it was a great weekend... fantastic to see my friends and show them some stuff. Unfortunately the weather was the worst it's been since I've lived here, but you can't win em all.

So, let's get down to it. Halloween. My costume was somewhat of a success.. had a few dumb asses asking who I was. Unfortunately, not that it's a real huge suprise, I got too drunk, lost my phone, cried, and was driven home by my boss and his 10 month pregnant wife. AWESOME. Amy just can't keep it together. GO BACK TO FUCKING REHAB.

And some other sites of the evening......

Toni will die when she sees this.

.....the mayor of SF and his cokehead side kick....

....Elliot and E.T


...and these guys. Superman dude is a F-REAK. Not clever either sir. Is that supposed to be your muscles? A small child? Not sure. Work on it for next year.

...All in all one of the better Halloweens I've ever had. Too bad it had to end in tears and a lost cell phone. But hey, gotta keep it in character.

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