Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet November.

Wow. Busy does not do justice to my life this month. I haven't blogged in awhile. Too much has happened. But we shall try a quick recap.

Ye Olde Election--As we all know, I was unable to vote. But the man took first and all is well in the world. Well not all.... Prop 8 protests weekly.

Big TWO FOUR Birthday-- Flew to the LB. Strongest jack and diet I've had in my life. Southwest. Must've been the altitude. Saw a lot of people I really miss. Drank far too much. Missed my plane to SF. Rad.

D-Stricts Fashon Show--Vip list capped at 300 people. Tons of SF press in the mix. Way stoked. Dress rehearsel goes rad. Models leave. Boss crushes our hearts with his overly constructive criticism. Me and partner feel 2 ft. tall. Hearts are officially broken. Natural next step: go out with friend in town to see the show and get way too drunk. Friend and I see a cat on a leash in the mission. Friend and I meet some random young skateboarder boys outside a bar. Shots are had. I am hit in the eye with something launched from across the room. Possibly black eye in progress. Last call comes and goes. Mob 15 blocks at 2am to boys house I kinda liked. ETA: 3 a.m. Ruin any potential with said boy due to my antics. Fannnn-fuckin-tastic. Boss follows up the next day with extreme remorse for his antics. Friend in town makes me a tiny top hat, which I've been obsessively wanting for weeks. Show goes AMAZING. Complete success. I sport tiny top hat. Fantastic reaction from most. Couple interesting comments from non-fans. Go to Thrasher warehouse party in my hood. Comments such as:
--"Hey Axel Rose."
--"Is it Halloween?"

Dicks. Its a very Carrie Bradshaw thing to do. Some will love it others won't get it. Fair enough. Walk home: we all have to pee and decide to each squat behind a different car in a dim lit alley. I set my open container down on the ground and proceed to get into position. LIGHTS AND SIRENS. Oh shit. Mosey along. Leave open container. "YOU! WITH THE HAIR STYLE". Um, Officer, you mean tiny top hat. I walk over.
TinyTopHat: "...Hi."
OFFICER: "Can you please pour the contents of that out and NOT IN YOUR MOUTH".
TinyTopHat: "....okay...... I'm sorry, we're just on our way home"
OFFICER: "We won't make more of it than it is".
(Officer vrooms off into the night with his crew of motocop homies.EXIT STAGE LEFT.)

Off the hook.

Saturday-- Show family around the city. Union square. Chinatown. Upper Haight. Mom almost falls on the bus. Love her. We stumble upon a Tom's Shoes promotion at Villians in Upper Haight. Buy a pair of Tom's and get them custom spray painted for free. AND get a couple free Sopporo tall cans. Sold.

Nighttime--: Go to everyones favorite bro-land in the city: North Beach. Have to chase not one but TWO city busses on our route. This section of town has some of the most unsteezy people I've ever come in contact with. At least for how pretentious they are. We bounce to the 'Loin. Take friend to Edenburg Castle. The crowd kinda blows so I start playing the piano and taking requests. Always an easy way to make friends. I have a cute fan and he comes with us to bounce across town in attempts to meet up with Broke Ass Stuart,... the author of friend and my #1 read of the year: Broke Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheap in San Francisco. We meet up with Stuart. And his girlfriend. Have I mentioned we don't really know Stuart? We bought his book randomly a few weeks past when he was selling it on the street. He gave me his business card, seeing I am a buyer and al. Friend decides to utilize this business card and texts him in attempts to meet up and pick his brain. He responds to text. We relocate to Stuart. Afterall, he wrote a whole book about rad cheap spots in the city. He's gotta be doin' something fun, right? Stuart's kinda a douche and random boy from the 'Loin points out that Stuart looks a little fluffier than his photo on the cover of the book portrays him as. Photoshop. We ditch Stuart and head to some bar called The Phone Booth. I don't remember much about this except that it was last call when we arrived and none of us needed to be ordering a DAMN thing. I smoke pot with some random man on the street. Not a bum, but also not wearing shoes. Very awkward.

Sunday. Friend flies back to homeland. I did my part in a freelance wardrobe gig that I really didn't feel like showing up to. It pays to show up. I did my part. Explored a chinese fast food spot on 7th and Market (a.k.a skid row jr.) Sketchiest chinese I've ever eaten with a Diet Pepsi that tastes like it was made in 98'. Exhausted isn't appropriate verbage for my feeling right now. I don't know what it is. But I had a fantastic weekend and am feeing better about life here on the daily. There is a reason I'm here and I need to remember what that is and think about what matters. What is my time here for? What do I want out of all of this? Who do i want to be and what? All such open-ended free questions. While I figure out all the answers, I also need to work on NOT taking myself so seriously. Progress not perfection.

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