Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Poor Man's Cookbook.

Well, poor WOMANS. I'm thinking of publishing somethin' on experimental cooking as a result of an empty wallet. I amaze myself with my concoctions sometimes. I have no one to test them on, since I live alone. But let's just say if I ever cook for my husband or "significant other", an open mind is definitely a character quality he must possess.

Tonight's entree: Char's San Francisco Thai Tuna Burrito.
Wholesale cost: approx. $1.00 Retail Possibilities: $5+
Ingredients: -one flour tortilla. Stale is acceptable.
- a few slices of cheese. Mold: unacceptable.
- one can of tuna mixed with any hummus left in the house.
-the last of the thai peanut sauce.
Directions: Wrap up, heat in micro and serve. Try to make it look cute. Presentation is key. Picky eaters need not apply. Beggers can't be choosers FUCKERS!

My kids will hate me someday. Sorry kids, it's a head of lettuce for dinner tonight. Mama got caught up at Forever 21 this evening. We're out of money. Sorry bout that.


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