Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Char as in "Chardonnay"

"Char? Like Chardonnay?! Ohhh I can remember that!" -Betsey Johnson, circa January 2011.

I feel confident to say BJ definitely knows my name now. A lot has happened this month. A LOT. I don't know where to even begin. I guess we'll break it in dysfunctional and anything but cohesive fragments.

First and foremost, I've moved up n' outta the ghetto. Well really I'd say I just swapped ghettos. Ha. There is a rather obvious ethnic change which goes hand in hand with a new found language barrier (here in Bushwick), but nothing I haven't experienced for the past 26 years or anything...... ain't my first quinceanera.

The Hood Vs. The Hood Rundown:

Pros,.....Started to feel pretty comfortable there. Started enjoying (too much) my neighbohood bars. Began light friendship with neighborhood bartenders. Grew accustomed to neighboring hoods (Clinton Hill, and...well, yea. Clinton Hill).

(Ex)Cons......Things I will not miss: The god-awful G train and waiting 30 minutes for it nearly everytime I took the train. My roommates super gross and highly selfish living habits. The hoarders den that my apartment building mates called a foyer.

Cons,.... All the Mexicans that refer to you as "sexy mami" while making totally degrading noises I didn't even know a mouth could make as you quickly scamper by trying to get to work on time and 8am. The streets are wayyyyy dirtier than Bed-Stuy (the stuy was actually rather clean on the streets,... just desolate as fuck.) Bonus Points: The Bank of America that just opened up about 6 blocks up the road (thank fucking GOD). My handful of friends that happen to live in this neighborhood. The close proximity to Life Cafe, my weekly Sunday brunch spot. The somewhat comforting resemblence to TJ that the Bushwick streets provide (.....also highly resembling my hometown. Sorry, Dina. 'Tis true). The VAST improvement in public transportation on this side of town.... Option A) The L train usually swimming with hotties or B) The J/M/Z line that is a direct shot to the city without a transfer (on weekdays). Pros (continuing on...): The park a block away from my house if and when I bring the kid out here. The grocery store a block away. The fact that bodegas take atm cards over here. The LA Burrito joint on my street corner that is actually pretty fucking bomb (at least on the bean burrito side of the equation). The comfy coffee shop I've been searching for pretty much since my first weekend in NY. And we haven't even touched on my MUCH improved living space and NORMAL roommates.

Close race? Bushwick wins by a long shot. Sorry Biggie. I ain't mad atcha.

So much more has gone down in the past month.... big changes around the BJ office.... I've done the absolute best I can and it's payed off so far. My work is far from over... it's definitely only just started. But I'm up for the challenge and determined to get what I want out of this.....

...but that's another blog entree. <3

Until then, enjoy some ghetto fabulous imagery. <3

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