Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am ready for you to get gone and stay gone for awhile. I got a few good dog beach trips outta you,... a pretty gnarly sunburn, a summer night's swim in the pool in Fresno, a bunch of bbq's and the best 4th of July to date,... but I'm officially ready for dark early evening hours and coats and boots... (not that I ever TOOK OFF my boots,....)

Time has begun to pass quicker than it did when I first transplanted. The weeks go by faster but the weekends seem to too which I HATE. It will all feel better when I don't have to say goodbye every Monday. I fucking hate Mondays. They start way too damn early. They last way too damn long. And it seems like Sunday night I'm already planning Friday. I'm a planner. Its an inherited trait. It will work to my advantage soon...

Tonight I am feeling inspired about some things, angry about some others, anxious about a shit load... Up and down per usual. That's life remember? The lows are necessary so you remember what it feels like to be high...

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