Friday, August 21, 2009


A friend of mine, a few years ago, used to tell me that as long as you're doing SOMETHING everyday to move towards your goal, you're making progress. At least you're always moving. Not staying stagnant, not moving backwards... moving TOWARDS it as small as the steps may be. I've always remembered that and have kept that as my mantra in regards to my clothing line. I was kicked into action mode this week when I was partaking in the epitome of anti-action... loafed on the couch watching THEE stupidest reality show ever on the air, Millionaire Matchmaker. This "self made millionaire" looking for love was the owner of Young Fabulous and Broke,... an average clothing line based out of LA. She said it had become a ten million dollar company in a matter of a few years. In my experience so far in the industry I find that a lot of company owners are total douche bags... not full of inspiration or creativity, not necessarily in touch with what is going on in fashion, not full of innovative ideas, and not usually even good business men (or women). The common denominator: They had money. Even a mediocre product can have a short lifespan if there's money to "birth it", if you will.

Moral: I have a goal of scoring an investor for my clothing line by the end of this year and I am going to go for it and not let down. It might sound like an empty promise or one of my "dreamer" ideas but I want to prove myself and anyone wrong who's ever thought I couldn't pull shit off. That's several months to research, build a convincing, thoughtful and well planned pitch and do everything I can to nab me some cash for this project. If there's one regret I will have when I die it will be NOT taking a chance and doing everything in my power to bring this project to life. And the truth is that there are angel investors to put money behind good ideas, but I have to go out and seek them. They're not going to come knock on Apt. D and ask for my permission to throw me a couple G's.

There are so many clothing lines out there it's sick. There are so many shitty ones it's even sicker. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm completely confident in my ability to run a successful operation that is everything I want it to be. I don't know how much longer I can go working on lines that are so mediocre... seeing brands break onto the scene that are total jokes.... I need to find a way to do what I'm MEANT to do.

My biggest pearl of wisdom to the shitty clothing lines out there: get a premise.

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