Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I walked across the street on my lunch break to sneak into the taqueria and steal a plastic fork to aid in my plans of eating my delicious lunch of ramen noodles (livin the dream). I paused waiting for traffic to pass, when a young black boy on a bicycle rode up close to me and shouted "How much homey".

Mmmm. Well times are tough, son, how much ya got? My puppy needs some new wardrobing options. COME ON. I can be honest, I was wearing a denim skirt that was kinda on the hookerish side today, but it's been UNGODLY hot for SF lately. Agh. Rough. At least there's always the promise of young ignorant boys looking to pay for ass and put the pup through obedient training.


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  1. I have a theory that San Franciscans, as a whole, are uniquely averse to warm weather (i.e. we actually complain about weather other people seem to enjoy) because San Francisco is uniquely devoid of that modern convenience known as air conditioning. Even if it feels nice outside you are bound to be uncomfortable at one or more of these places: the bus, work, the store, or at home. At least in LA if you don't have AC you can ride the bus and be comfortable...