Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Competition.

Much improvement has come in the recent weeks, of my mothering skills, of Pip McGee's pee and pooing outside skills,... Boyfriend bought Pippy a bitchin' gangster parka, and a skateboard ...

Got the parka part down. Big dog/small jacket. I'm planning to write a folk song on the topic. Skateboarding--- we're working on it. I think the goal is to make him WANT to skateboard... I mean, haven't you seen the classic case of mothers forcing their children to be ballerinas, gymnasts, football stars, only to get in return a Marilyn Manson worshiping, eyeliner wearing unruly and disgruntled delinquent? I've seen enough Maury Povich in my day to know better. On another note, my pup's become somewhat of a local celeb. It's inevitable, really. He's the cutest pup that's ever graced 24th street, I'm sure,... Until I spotted THIS character who seems to draw quite the crowd.

Barbados, the sheep on a leash that cruises my neighborhood. Really? Really. I guess I gotta get my ferret Boots all prepped and we're gonna have to start rockin' the ferret riding on the back of a tiny bulldog. I gotta take the cake in the weirdness factor of the neighborhood. It's my calling.

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