Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shock me shock me.

What if it turns out I made a mistake. What if I'm not happy. What if I'm miserable. What if my job is a total joke. What if I'm not good enough for my job. What if I can't hold it down financially. What if I hate my house. What if I hate my roommmates. What if they hate me. What if I have to work all the time and never get to play. What if I have no one to play WITH. What if I don't meet anyone new. What if I realize that I've taken most of my life for granted. What if everything is happening too quickly. How do you ever know what is right?

At my current job I've always had to fight for designs that I really believe in. I've always had to defend everything despite the snide remarks or jokes the bosses made about designs I did. I made a purple penleton last season that the bosses said looked like a "black people shirt". Today I was informed that Hot Topic bought the shirt for a test run of 5,000 units to start.


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