Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2nd Street.

I took a friend of mine out to dinner tonight for her "after-birthday" birthday dinner. She had a party that I swore I would show up to, and in standard "me" fashion I couldn't make it. But it was legit... I had to fly to SF for a potential job that turned out to be my NEW job and the reason for currently being on the verge of a completely different life than the one I currently entertain. None the less, it was a nice evening. I don't see "friend" much anymore, because of differences that have caused us to gain some major distance. It's unfortunate and was really devastating at the time. By now, I feel, at least, time has healed some wounds and we're able to enjoy a meal together without it being awkward or unnatural. Not completely back to original status, but I guess that's typical of a "falling out".

We sat at a little table on the patio and I noticed the air outside being probably the coldest it's been here the entire summer. I thought to myself how much I love the cold and how I need to score a couple rad jackets before the relocation. In the time it took to devour a greek salad and a crepe, I saw 5 (separate) people I knew, who each stopped to shoot the shit. I realized that in a few weeks I won't see people I know walking down the street. The thought excites me and scares me simultaneously. "Scares" is actually the wrong word. Maybe "intrigues".

I also decided that the crepe was the finale of food for awhile. The Mary Kate Olsen diet begins tomorrow.

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