Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on, Ireeeeeeene!

Well, folks.... It's been a minute and MUCH has transpired. But first and foremost on the importance list, the summer is winding to a bitter sweet end and I am nothing short of elated. Not gonna lie,... it was grueling. Braving the summer living on the top floor of a 3rd floor walk up with no air conditioning is just foolish, or otherwise cast as an amateur move for a summer in New York. But the universe had my back in bringing the hottest and most miserable weekend when I was conveniently on a short but sweet trip to the West Coast // Best Coast. So my complaints are few. Needless to say, I am eye-fucking my winter coats from across the room and dreaming of chilly nights and heated mattress pads. Ohhh yes. Alas, there is something to live for.

Work. Life. Love. And Irene: the big joke of 2011.

I wasn't sure if I should heed warning like everyone seemed to be doing.... It just didn't feel like it could possibly be the next Katrina in NYC. I mean, there was AMPLE warning. DAYS of warning. Aren't the biggest devestating natural disasters the ones that strike quickly upon unprepared and unknowing innocent people? People began evacuating the city as early as Friday morning with the "impending doom" scheduled to hit Sunday. Welp, it's Sunday morning and skies are pretty clear. Winds were wild last night but seriously, calm the fuck down, New York. It was an 1.0 earthquake. It was an extremely windy night. The morning after, the death count is 5 oak trees and a small colony of rats. But the good news is you now have 15 cases of bottled water and all the AAA batteries that you could possibly need for the rest of the year. EPICxFAIL.

Work: Going extremely well. We're gearing up for the Betsey show on September 12th for New York Fashion Week. I worked with Betsey on the show tee and am on red alert rush mode to get that shit turned and back to us in NY in time for the show. There's been mixed reviews internally and a few naysayers but I think it's going to all come off super fun and super Betsey, which is the point. And I foresee major press as a result of it all, so we shall see. All I have to say on the show is ASS AND TITTIES. You should probably stream it live on September 12th. Just sayin'.

I've had a couple new designs of mine come through into the stores and they're doing well. Through the duration of 2011, there will be a few more styles of mine out in stores each month, so I'm hoping they are all as well received as what's come out so far. Check out whats in the mix now.....

WAYYYY more to come.
Life: On the upswing. There is so much rad shit on deck for the next few months. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. On the recent tip, I just moved into a bitchin' new place with two of my favorite gals in NYC. It's a ground floor loft unit on the GOOD side of the tracks in Bushwick. Subway stop on our corner, normal human beings surrounding us. I have said adios por vida to the endless disgusting cat calls and sexual comments by gross old Puerto Rican men as you try to walk to the corner bodega for a can of soup. The new pad is amazing but it's a major project.... It's coming along, teaching me a thing or two about general construction work (which was definitely on my "to learn in 2011 list"... errrr.... uh...) and ultimately going to be something we are super proud of since we have literally but our blood, sweat and tears into it. Check out the prog pics....

In other "General Life" news, started working on a potential project out here playing with a band of a few guys I've met over the past few months. Stoked to be able to play again, period. The trusty ol' Korginator is gettin' amped for a big cross country move, and my soul is feeling almost whole again with the promise of late night Cat Power cover sessions and rock n' roll shows. And next week marks the cameo appearance of one of LBC's finest in the big bad city. Photo documentation to follow. It's gonna be a shit show.

And last and certainly least.... Love: Love is a battlefield. Yet again, I've let an evil male (also known as a super solid, legit, amazing dude) play a leisurely game of ping pong with my heart and I, in the end, lose. If there was some alternative blouse that I could buy that didn't include my heart being completely, tragically and fatally sewn on my sleeve, I would pay top dollar. So there isn't much to say on that tip except I hang up my high heels with grace and dignity knowing that I was true to myself. And now following the storm, I transition as gracefully as possible to a new era focused on taking care of myself, my family and my friends and embracing all the things that I have built to make my life amazing.


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