Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Were I To Call the Game....

Its been a minute since I've blogged. Months, actually. For no real reason, I suppose. There's definitely been update-able situations. I don't know what the block has been. But don't get too stoked. No major catching up necessary. I really just don't feel like revisiting it all. For laziness purposes more than anything. Its probably been the best summer of my life. And the best part is that it's coming to an end (as in the weather. I hate the HAUTE). Just felt so inclined to say if I ever decided to peace out, I would definitely leave a mixed cd, not a note. I think that would say so much more. And have so much more to be interpreted than obvious words of explanation. Don't call the suicide hotline so fast. Things are going fantastic and I don't want to kill myself. But after a nearly 24 hour work day (and several glasses of wine) with a sprinkle of Modest Mouse on top, I've decided that if I ever were to reach such despair that I wanted to throw in the towel, that is how I would go. The appropriate people know the funeral plans. Again, for no morbid reasons other than the fact that I'm a control freak and want to make sure my funeral would be authentic. Again... don't trip. Just sayin. Honestly is the best policy. Props to any musical artist that can envoke such thoughts and ideas.

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