Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the Madness Begin.


So I've ARRIVED. In Italy that is. Major hustle to get shit accomplished before the departure but all is well. Big ups to Mr.RK for the frenzy commute to LAX and of course so much love to Bunny for handling shit for me and the Jan while we're gone. Good friends are hard to come by. Enjoi the documentation of my travels. Shit's bout to get cray crayyy...

Pre-15 Hour Flight....

Post-15 Hour Flight.... Could've looked way more atrocious. Please recognize.

Jan's first time on a Mac apparently. People in close proximity were not pleased.

If you just cannot wait to get home before purchasing a sparkly glass dildo, do not fret. The Munich airport's got you covered.

US Weekly in German.... I think it says "They handle their young!"

My choice poison fully stocked in Munich. I bought a tiny bottle for good measure.

Ain't no Red Room schooner buttttt...

So arrived about 900 hours later in Venice where my sis picked us up from Venice airport.... traveled about 45 minutes to Pardanone where sis stays on her own in a three story bitchin' farm house of sorts. Mind you there are no speed limits that anyone abides by. Death ride. Up this morning enjoying beautiful weather, chain smoking and drinking ridic amounts of coffee... gettin' ready to travel to Florence for the weekend. Pub crawl tonight.... Gonna try to stay off the hard stuff. We all know it does nothing for my basic motor skills. Let's see how Jan fairs. P.S... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!! To be continued.....

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