Monday, January 25, 2010


I think 2010 has good things in store for me. Actually, I think 2010 has good things in store for everyone. The economy is inching it's way back into good standing. The fashion industry is turning around... jobs are opening up... The future's looking bright. And I have some pretty rad new shades up in the mix. <3

I've had a recent surge of fury going through my veins motivating me to do some shit in the industry and take steps towards some of my personal and professional goals. It feels good. Like I said, I think there are bright things in my future in commerce. I'll leave it at that. Don't wanna jinx a good thing. And definitely don't wanna future fuck myself. That's really what I excel in. But I digress.

So, I gotta say....I am NOT one for trend forecasting. I just don't buy it. And how are you gonna catch the eye of a consumer when you're rollin' with trends that everyone else is also going with...? I mean, you ALL got the SAME advice from some supposed fashion forecasting guru. I hate that shit. Can't you be creative on your own? My idea has always been to just be (or wear) what you like and fuck the rest. People will love you or hate you, but you rock it regardless. I can't FORCE other people to buy into this concept (eh hem, my employers) but I can definitely carry that as my own personal credo.

So here's a lil' imagery of things floatin' my boat on the style scene for 2010. Just watch. You call me crazy now, but others will follow..........

Enjoi. <3

Trends I think will POP. Disclaimer: Please note that lame cities and areas will catch on to rad fashion approx. 2 years after they've been rad. Just sayin'. Sorry, Fresno. You got moted.

Triblend/Heather Greys -- Ahhh, so dismal. Basic, but the triblend athletic look is just fuckin' cool no matter how you spin it. LOVE.

Gold and Silver Jewelry -- The days of choosing between rockin' gold OR silver are over. Who gives a fuck. Handle it. Get down with both. Then you're shoe or bag options aren't exed out because of the jewelry color you decided to wear.

Novelty Jewelry -- My personal faves: multi-finger rings... Score this little gem at Forever 21.

Don't be fooled, this is in no way a statement of my dedication to "the church". Think of it more along the lines of Ozzy Osbourne wearing crosses......

....and THIS fuckin' thing.....

Heyooooo. Chain harness of sorts. LOVE. About $200 but I'd say it's a conversation piece worth the price. I will start saving now.

Grunge -- Not goin' anywhere. Just gonna get worse (....better....) I'm sayin' Doc Martens back up the mix, tons of shoe companies doing their own variations, flannels staying around, the whole Courtney Love "I-am-a-total-mess-but-look-rad-still" style. LOVE.

Lace (in every form of it's being). Leggings, tank tops, cami's, on shoes, on bags... Watch yourself. But be careful, there's a fine line.

....AAAAAAAAAAND that's all I got for now. Chew on that one. <3

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